Ghaziabad may not be No 1 in anything else but it surely is as far as flop projects are concerned. One more feather in its cap comes from shutting down its newly opened waste treatment plant. The 300 metric ton capacity waste to compost plant that was inaugurated just a fortnight ago in Pratap Vihar had to be shut owing to maintenance issues.

The city generates 1000 metric tons of solid waste per day and at present has no plant to dispose of this waste scientifically. Construction & Design Services – a unit of UP Jal Nigam was to undertake the maintenance and operations of the plant for two months but it is reluctant to do so due to heavy costs involved. The plant was developed with the intent to process 300 metric tons of waste daily into compost and rid the city of one third of the solid waste generated daily. The monthly expenses for the plant are estimated to be Rs. 26.5 lakhs and there are certain issues to be resolved before it becomes functional. NGT is being strict to corporation about dumping solid waste in public places. Mayor Ashu Verma informed that efforts are being made to bring the plant in working condition as soon as possible since a lot of capital has been invested in the construction of the plant.

Marketing Avenues, which is greatly concerned with environmental issues, is keeping its fingers crossed for now as it hopes for a cleaner city in the coming months.

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